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The Board of Trustees is the primary volunteer leadership and governance committee for the UWTC. Board members work together to achieve the vision and mission of the UWTC, as well as provide oversight and strategic direction. The Board ensures adequate resources to achieve the mission and monitors effective management of those resources.


The goal of the Board is to ensure the mission of the organization is carried out, establish strategic direction, policies, goals and objectives for the organization and monitor their implementation, and provide appropriate stewardship of funds raised.


Expectation and Performance Criteria

  • Actively participate, including attending all board and committee meetings.

  • Serve on at least one working committee.

  • Be fully informed about United Way, including its mission, programs and finances.

  • Enhance and actively promote the public image of United Way.

  • Contribute to and be active in United Way fundraising and special events.


  • The Board is made up of individuals whose broad perspective, experience, knowledge, and independence of judgment will enable them to contribute most effectively. All members are encouraged to actively participate in discussion at the Board level.

conflict of interest and confidentiality

  • Board members are expected to avoid any situation which could be construed to represent conflicts of interest. Decisions need to be made objectively and free from advocacy. Should a conflict of interest arise, Board members are expected to announce their conflict and refrain from voting.

  • Board members are required to observe and respect the confidential nature of privileged information to which they are exposed through their volunteer activities with United Way of Tuscarawas County.

Time Commitment and Term of Office

  • The Board consists of not more than 21 members from all segments of our community. Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term, which is renewable for a second consecutive term at the request of the Nominating Committee. The Board meets once per month. Currently, this meeting is scheduled on the third Thursday. Committee work is in addition to regular Board meetings. The importance of regular attendance cannot be overstated.



  • Robert Alsept, Buckeye Career Center

  • Rick Andrews, Troyer & Associates

  • Sylvia Argento, Tusc. Co. Probate/Juvenile Court

  • Dr. Bradley Bielski, Kent State University Tuscarawas

  • Mayor Pat Cadle, Village of Newcomerstown

  • Sheriff Orvis Campbell, Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office

  • Jennifer Clark, Geib Funeral Home

  • Larry Chiott, Community Volunteer

  • Robert Craig, Union Hospital

  • Jack Dooling, DoverPhila Federal Credit Union

  • Gail Houglan, Allied Machine & Engineering

  • Chris Lane, Wendy’s

  • Paul McEwan, Rea & Associates

  • Martin Merryman, First National Bank of Dennison

  • Bonnie Schrock, Andreas Furniture, Inc.

  • Nathan Staley, Staley Technologies

  • Mark Waltz, Waltz Appraisal Services

  • Kristin Zemis, Esquire - Zemis Legal Services

Board Core Values